Transparency and protection at work for everyone

We are an Austrian NGO with one mission: to ensure that all employees all over the world benefit from a right and fair treatment at work in terms of the amount of time they work. We work to protect them against overworking themselves or being overworked by their employers.

We believe that working less is the key to both success and a happier life. We stand against working overtime and long working hours. That is why for example time-tracking is so important: to protect employees against exploitation.

At whom do we focus our activity?

Both individuals and legal persons who are in an employee-employer relationship can make use of our simple tool to prove the amount of time which they worked.

Individuals who feel that they are mistreated at work and their superiors ask them for overtime beyond the legal limits can make use of our product 100% free of charge to track and book their time at work and thus have a clear proof of their time invested.

Legal persons (companies of any size) can use our tools at highly discounted prices (10% and less compared to the market price) to ensure that their employees track their time and do not overwork themselves. The funds thus gathered are used to maintain the tool and cover the costs.

What kind of issues do we protect against?

Our mission is to protect against

  • illegal, unfair working conditions and working times longer than the legally allowed ones,

  • overworking

  • general violations against the employment law and against the working hours act

  • not respecting the legally set working breaks

What do we stand for?

We are passionate about building simple technology to ensure fair employment conditions and evidence in the event of litigation regarding time-tracked work. In addition, the association turns to all persons who want to introduce a time tracking. Furthermore, the NGO pursues the following goals:

  • Awareness increase regarding one’s freedoms concerning the work duration and the therefrom resulting rights of employees.

  • Organizing meetings, events and workshops on different topics such as balancing and overtime work, weekly rest or spare rest days, statutory work breaks.

  • Actions designed to develop awareness of the freedoms and rights of workers around working time.

  • Operation of negotiated, greatly reduced (compared to the market price) software products for everyone.

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